February : What A Month

This month has been REALLY stressful for me with work and school.  So many things happened and bad days seemed to never end.  In the beginning of February, I received good news from Provence.  I was welcomed to do my internship in Crillon but it fell through because I wasn't able to provide a Tripartite.  I wasn't sure what it was - due to luck of resources, I moved on.  A week later, I was welcomed to do my internship in Bonnieux-Provence.  I got so excited so I started preparing for Visa requirements for France.  Now this is another “I should have done it before” episode.  I’ve been here in the US for 8 years and I haven’t applied for US Citizenship. Because I have a Philippine passport I am not free to go to Europe unless I apply for a visa.  The French Consulate requires a stamped “convention de stage” by the French Labor Department and it has to be in French of coarse. .  Convention de stage means internship agreement, a detailed contract signed  between the employer, school and student.  At first I thought It was the internship agreement from school,  I spend all week trying to find examples of this contract, emailing the French Consulate to get some clarifications.  It was a long week of researching and the more I research the more I get confused but I finally found one.  I am not sure how long this process is going to take...  Good luck to me!

When I started the culinary program it was so easy for me to say, “Oh yeah I’m going to Paris for my internship”.  Finding an internship site is very challenging.  I emailed over 100 hotels and restaurant all over France and I only received 3 good responses.  I cannot wait for the time to find myself boarding for France.  I am preparing for plan B just in case but I am not giving up my dream just yet.  Wish me luck!  


Relaxing Sunday

This week has been pretty challenging and frustrating for me so I decided to treat myself to a nice dinner at  Spaghettini.  The ambiance was nice with live music. If you love Jazz, this is a place for you.  

Tomorrow I’ll start a fresh slate.  Hope you all had a great weekend!


Baking Class

Fruit Tart 

Vol au Vent
Puff Pastry with Shrimp Newburg 

 Chocolate SoufflĂ© 


Baking Step #7 - Benching 

I’ve been baking for five weeks now and I am ready to go back in the kitchen.   In baking, everything has to be precise.  I am having a hard measuring each ingredient and this baking class really tested my patience.  Even though I am in culinary arts, learning and understating the fundamentals of baking  will benefit later on.


International Internship

Paris is my ultimate dream destination since I was a kid, I haven’t been there and yet I love everything about Paris.  When I started the culinary arts program, my goal was to go to Paris.  I’ve been emailing my resume to restaurants and hotels in Paris every night for about a month now.  Last week I got desperate so I submitted my resume everywhere in France and finally I got a response this morning from Provence.  I checked my email from my phone and I thought it was one of those unfortunately emails.  Since the email was in French I had to copy and paste the email to translate.com.  It turned out to be good news that I have been waiting for.  I was asked to send the internship agreement from my school.  I am emotionally set for Paris, I  think Provence would be good for me.  I've been very busy with everything, a relaxed atmosphere is just what I need.  Wish me luck hopefully I'll get accepted.  Have a wonderful weekend!