Hey look! Someone's proposing!

 Signs of spring are everywhere in Southern California today– flowers are blooming of coarse, birds are louder and happier, the air feels different and people are heading to the beach.  I love the City of Huntington Beach,  it has a wide, long  and flat sandy beach, great place for a leisurely walk along the coastline.   So luckily that I am not far away from the beach.  It's such a nice sunny day and I really can’t complain!  Have a great weekend everyone!  


Zesty Citrus

Now that spring has arrived, I am trying my best to spend time for myself to be ready for spring.  Here are some zesty homemade beauty solutions that I would like to share with you.

I love lemons!  This is my number one beauty essential.  I don't normally buy beauty products as I believe that the best beauty essentials are found in the kitchen.  Drinking water with lemon is very refreshing and good for the skin.  I love drinking tea and coffee but I gave up tea as I can’t have too much caffeine in my system.  I slice lemon and squeeze into hot water serves as my morning tea.  No caffeine, no yellowing on my teeth.  Sometimes I use orange peel to flavor my hot water as well. 

My hair has been so dry for the past few months.  Must be the cold and dry weather. I also wear hat on production nights and it my hair smells like mildew.   Rubbing lemon into my hair before showering helps remove dirt and funky smell. It also adds shine and luster when my hair dries out.  Healthy scalp = healthy hair. 

With my exhausting schedule, I try my best not to skip my face.   For facial scrub I make this zesty exfoliant orange zest, honey and brown sugar - I mix them together and gently rub into my face.  Hope you liked these simply beauty tips.  


Cuisine Across Cultures

I can’t believe I am now on my 5th module and I have one more module left before internship. Time flies when you are having fun, right?!  I have to admit I am overwhelmed with so many information about different cultures and flavor profiles.  I am so lucky that I live in California where I get to taste international array of cuisines in just under 25-mile radius.  Production tomorrow night and I'll be making Vietnamese, Malaysian and Thai dishes.  

I haven't had pho in a while so I decided to have pho before production night so I can remember the flavor profile...  I'm not feeling very well today and this steamy pho made me feel better. 

Spring has arrived here in Southern California and I am loving it!  Hope you guys had a great weekend!