Enfin, Bonnes Nouvelles!!! (Finally, Good News)

Hello there!  Hope you all are doing well! So many things happened since my last blog post as usual then I got sick for one week and it took me a while to gain back my strength.  Two days ago I received good news from France.  My "convention de stage" has been signed by the French Labor Department.  Two weeks ago my contract has been denied but my internship site provided me a new contract, so I started the process from the beginning.  I was sick during that time and I almost gave up on it.  I am so glad that I received the "convention de stage" sooner than I expected.  The hardest part of this internship process is over, next week I am going to apply for my visa - hopefully everything will go well.  I am SO excited and still can't believe that I am going to France for my internship.  I have now less that 30 days before my internship so I'll start packing for this once in a life time trip! Bon weekend!