Oh Marseille!  This city is just absolutely stunning!  I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed Marseille.  If you're coming here in France - YOU MUST VISIT MARSEILLE.  The city was very lovely and alive.  A lot of people walking around and I've seen a lot of Americans.

 The Mediterranean was just absolutely beautiful!  I took a bus from Fort Saint John going to Notre Dame de la Garde and the scenery was just simply divine!  ( Pictures of Notre Dame de la Garde will be on my next blog).

It was windy when I left for Marseille - thinking it would change when I arrive there.  Well, it was a lot worse when I arrived at Marseille-Saint Charles bus station/train station.  It was TOO windy!

I should have stayed in Marseille for the night.  I overlooked the bus schedule and I missed the last bus from Aix-en-Provence going back to Bonnieux.  I definitely learned my lesson this time.

I didn't know anyone in Aix-en and I was embarrassed to call my roommates to pick me up so I hopped on to a bus going to Martigues.  I stayed there for the night and left the next day.  To be honest I was a little disappointed in Martigues.  I didn't see much so I left right away and went back to Marseille.  How I wish I stayed longer here, it was so beautiful.  I was blown away (literally)! :-)

My soul was well fed in Marseille.  Life is just simply divine!


Château La Canorgue

I asked my chef where I can go for wine tasting and he recommended  few places.  On Saturday I dared myself to rent a bike but I backed out because I got intimedated.  The bikes here are motorized - not my usual bike (beach cruiser).  I checked the map going to Château La Canorgue and It was only 2 km away from Bonnieux so I decided to walk.  It wasn't too bad at all.  I arrived at the winery in half an hour.

The wine tasting was free - that got me excited!  I tried the white wines, red wines and Rosé.  They were all good and I bought 2 bottles of wines.  The prices were not bad at all, both bottles were under 20 Euros.

After the wine tasting I sat down outside underneath the tree and someone said hi to me.  I looked up and it was the guy I met at the restaurant where I work.  When I met him he told me he owned a winery just outside Bonnieux.  I was taking pictures at the restaurant when I met him so I didn't pay attention with what he said.  So glad owner of the winery recognized me.  He gave me a tour of the winery, took me to the cellar and told me to come back in August so I can watch how they make new batches. That was such a nice treat and I didn't expect that I would meet him again.

 After the quick tour he gave me a lift back to Bonnieux.  I am so lucky that each time I go out, I meet people that are super kind to me.  Life is just simply divine!



I can't remember when I went to Lourmarin,  a village next to Bonnieux, about 15 minutes by bus.  My schedule changed at one point.  I started at 4:00 pm I so came here to have lunch.   It was so nice to walk around and see these charming shops for few hours before work.

Restaurants around here in France are great.   There is no need to check yelp or online for reviews.  You just need to check the price of the menu that are posted outside the restaurants.  If the price is good to you then take a seat.