Château La Canorgue

I asked my chef where I can go for wine tasting and he recommended  few places.  On Saturday I dared myself to rent a bike but I backed out because I got intimedated.  The bikes here are motorized - not my usual bike (beach cruiser).  I checked the map going to Château La Canorgue and It was only 2 km away from Bonnieux so I decided to walk.  It wasn't too bad at all.  I arrived at the winery in half an hour.

The wine tasting was free - that got me excited!  I tried the white wines, red wines and Rosé.  They were all good and I bought 2 bottles of wines.  The prices were not bad at all, both bottles were under 20 Euros.

After the wine tasting I sat down outside underneath the tree and someone said hi to me.  I looked up and it was the guy I met at the restaurant where I work.  When I met him he told me he owned a winery just outside Bonnieux.  I was taking pictures at the restaurant when I met him so I didn't pay attention with what he said.  So glad owner of the winery recognized me.  He gave me a tour of the winery, took me to the cellar and told me to come back in August so I can watch how they make new batches. That was such a nice treat and I didn't expect that I would meet him again.

 After the quick tour he gave me a lift back to Bonnieux.  I am so lucky that each time I go out, I meet people that are super kind to me.  Life is just simply divine!

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