Last week my roommates and I went to Montpellier.  It was a relaxing day!


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I am not sure what happened to me camera in Arles but some of my pictures came out like this...
I don't need to fix 'em.  They are just perfect!


Embracing The European Life

What is  “European life”?  Well, I was able to figure it out after a week here in France.  People here like to take their time on everything.   They enjoy their food, they chat, they drink and relax.  I have not seen Starbucks out here as Europeans like to sit and enjoy their break.

I feel the European life when I get off work.   I eat, drink and relax - for me that is the European life.
I really enjoy my time here in France and I hope when I go back home I can still live like I am in Europe.  For the past 8 weeks, I wasn't worried about anything.  I go to work, I relax on my days off, drink and eat a lot.  I have gained so much weight from eating pastries and bread.

I appreciate every little thing I see.  Flowers, herbs, escargot, bugs that illuminate at night, street market, cheeses, wines and the sounds of cigales. They are all lovely to me.  I also enjoy the feeling of being a local here.  I run on my days off,  I go to the street market, drink coffee or wine at my favorite restaurant and I love the fact that tourists ask me for directions.  Everything about Provence is home for me.

 This is an eye opener for me because in California I work most of the time and I don’t go out often. 
 I’ve been in California for almost 9 years and I have seen more places here in France in 6 weeks than in California.  I’ve visited a lot of places here in Provence by bus.

It's tough not having a car here but it's also nice to sit and just enjoy the scenery.  I have 4 more weeks here and I am embracing and savoring everything.   This is really an adventure of a life time and I call it  "A gift to single hood."  Here are some of my favorite pictures I took here in Provence.   

Life is just simply divine... Live like you are in Europe!