Take Me Back

Yesterday my girl friend and I met up for a late lunch.  I haven't seen her since I came back from France. We talked about my experiences in France and my stories took me back again in Provence.  
I have more than 5 thousand pictures and each one just makes me smile.
Hope my pictures would somehow take you to the land of charm.

Happy Monday!


La vie en Provence

 Just browsing all my pictures in France and reminiscing sweet memories.  
It has been a month since I came back to California.
Yup, I do miss Provence. 
I had such an AMAZING experience over there.  Hopefully one day I can go back to visit.

Bon weekend!


Life's a beach

I still can't believe that I work by the beach now.   
Last year, I went home to the Philippines.  My mom, 2 sisters and I went to Bohol island about an hour away from Manila by air.  It was our first time to go there.  From our home town we took the bus, plane and ferry boat and we finally arrived in Bohol 20 hours later.  The whole trip was worth it.  Bohol was very calm and sweet island.  

And this is where I felt that I was not living my best life.  Bohol reminded me yet again that life is beautiful and that I should be doing the things I enjoy.
My culinary adventure started 2 months after I came back from the Philippines.  My little culinary adventure took me to France and now I find my self here by the beach. 

First Day at Work - Laguna Beach 2013
Bohol, Philippines 2012


Happy Friday!

Good news!!  I got hired at one of the resorts in Laguna Beach as a Line Cook. 

 When I came back from France, I was lost and did not know what to do.  I was confused whether I should find a job in the kitchen or go back to an office job where I know I can get paid more.  But my heart leaned towards the kitchen and I realized that money is money and it is not always everything.

On Saturday, I had an interview and it went well.  After my interview, the Sous Chef gave me a tour and I saw myself working there.  It's a luxurious resort by the BEACH - what else could I ask for, right?

I know starting a whole new career will be hard but I am sure I will have fun and I will learn a lot.  I just have to keep going with my culinary adventure and  I should not lose sight of my goals in life.

xoxo - Mardy


Les Escargots

 Aren't these lovely?  Would you eat them?  Well I had eaten snail at the restaurant where I worked.  What I ate was a lot bigger than these. These snails are too cute and I will not eat them.

I have to admit, I had to close my eyes the first time I tried the snail.  But I enjoyed the second time I had it.  I would go back to France just for these. :-)


Part II: Capri, Italy

Oh how I wish I were in Capri right now.  I was only there for a day and I fell in love with the island.  There were so many things to see and the island was just simply divine!  After the boat tour, I took the funicular railway from Marina Grande to the main town.  Funicular railway is like a mini train that goes up and it would take you to the the center of Capri.  Hence the name, it was a fun ride!

I walked around Via Camerelle a fashionable shopping street where I found luxurious boutiques and gorgeous shops.  Such a small town but yet it was full of energy.  I enjoyed the vibe here in Capri and the scenery.  And of course, I wouldn't let my day end without eating dessert so I finished my walk with yummy gelato.  
La vita è justa semplicemente divina!