Macarons VS. Cupcakes

It's much harder than asking me "shoes or purses"!  Macarons are so delicate and insanely delicious!  So tiny that I can easily pop em' in my mouth.  I accidentally found this macaron shop when I was window shopping.  The moment I stepped in at 'Lette store - I felt like I was in France again.  Lots of flavors to choose from and my eyes lit up when I saw violet macaron in Cassis flavor.  It was a piece of heaven!

Cupcake is my first love!  My favorite is the Chocolate Marshmallow from Sprinkles Cupcakes.  Rich chocolate top, melting marshmallow filling and moist cake....  oh boy I am in cloud 9! 

So if you would ask me - macarons or cupcakes? 

Macarons could be the new craze but I am not ready to give up my cupcakes just yet.  But because they are both lovely and divine, I can eat both in one sitting! :-)

How about you - macarons or cupcakes?


Red Wine Favorites

I have to admit that my taste buds have changed since I came back from France.  I've been searching for French products when I go to the store and specially the wines.  But I love being in California and most definitely there are lots of good stuff out here that I haven't had the chance to try.  For the next few weeks, I will be posting easy recipes featuring products that I tend to ignore at the grocery store.

But for now, I want to share to you my new favorite wines.  I am not a wine expert but these 2 wines from California are surprisingly good and both are under $10.  The Merlot  from Ménage à Trois is luscious, dark and sweet while the Cabernet Sauvignon from Cellar No. 8 is supple and fruity with mild oak notes.

Merlot: Ménage à Trois | Cabernet Sauvignon: Cellar No. 8 | Cheese Board: C Wonder


We did it!

My diploma from the culinary school arrived the other day and I couldn't believe that I did it.  Going to culinary school was my dream 17 years ago.  Now I can finally say Yes, I did it!  I can finally scratch this off from my "I SHOULD'VE DONE IT BEFORE" list.  I have a lot  of "I should haves" but at least I am slowly correcting them.  I also believe that timing is everything.  If I went to culinary 17 years ago as a teenager, it would have been different.  I wouldn't have seen France.

Last year was the hardest year.  I joggled my work, school, personal life and lots of crazy things in between.  When someone asks me "how do you do it?"  I'd say "I don't know".  But definitely my classmates, friends, relatives, my mom and my sisters  made it easier for me.  I have a great support team and I am dedicating my success to them.

Thank you all!  We did it!  Until the next adventure! 

"The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that is actually possible." - Joel Brown