The Coast

Hello there! I apologize for being MIA for almost 3 months.  I've been busy with life in general.  August is my favorite month not only because it's my birthmonth but I feel like August is my New Year.  I try to do fun things around this time to celebrate my life.

Last week, I drove up to Northern California to visit my high-school friends.  I took the Pacific Coast and boy IT WAS BREATHTAKING!  I almost stopped every Vista Points to take pictures and I arrived to my destination 10 hours later.  Everyone told me I was crazy and that it would be cheaper and faster to fly.  My mind was set and I didn't mind driving at all.  Driving through the coast was on my Bucket List.  Now I can scratch that off of my list.  I stopped at Nepenthe in Big Sur for lunch.  It was too crowded for a Monday.  A former co-worker had mentioned about this place years ago and I couldn't agree more.  It was quite a scenery and I couldn't ask for a better weather.

Even though I drove by myself, I wasn't bored at all.  I was very comfortable with my own company.  My mom was worried about me driving alone but I felt confident and safe driving up as there were CHPs,  gas stations and restaurants along the coast.

I must say, this trip has been the best unplanned trip ever.


Ways and Means Oysters House

Have you ever read about a restaurant through a magazine and you wanted to drive off and experience the food yourself?  Well, this happened to me last week.  After reading a local magazine, I decided to check out Ways and Means Oysters House with my good friend.

As soon as we sat down, we were greeted by lovely waitstaffs and also offered us these flavored breads.   The Guinness bread was my favorite and I spread it with tasty European butter.

After shucking oysters at work two weekends ago, eating oysters was the last thing on my mind.  The truth is I haven't had oysters before but sometimes I dare myself to try new things.

These Hot Naked Oysters (lunch - $12) with chorizo, watercress, hot sauce and hollandaise didn't disappoint!  

 When you come visit this place, make sure to ask for the specials.  This  light and refreshing Rock Fish Ceviche was not on the menu and I was so happy to try it with fried plantains. 

I rarely see Frenched Chicken leg/thigh around here and I appreciate this Roasted Mary's Organic Half Chicken ($24) so much because of the time given to make this dish so appealing.  With the charred carrot puree, Brussels sprouts and rosemary potato - this organic chicken is seriously the best chicken I've had here in OC.

The nautical ambiance, the chandelier and the leather red sofas are so welcoming and I must come back by all means!

513 E. Chapman Ave.
Orange, California 92866
(714) 516-1800

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The Beachcomber

If you're looking for an intimate less crowded beach side, Crystal Cove is your best bet. Coming here is a bit of a hike so wear comfortable shoes. :-)

I've heard of Beachcomber through my good friend and I've always wanted to come here.  I decided to stop by here for dinner after a 3K run/walk with a girl friend.   I ordered the Frutti di Mare Pasta ($23.95), packed with wild Mexican shrimp, calamari, clams, mussels and zucchini. Perfect amount of everything!  And I mopped my plate with Ciabatta bread into the sweet spicy Arrabiatta sauce while the sun sets.  Ahhh-mazing! 

Now that it's almost summer time, expect to wait at least half an hour to any restaurants near the beach so I suggest to plan ahead when you come here.

Watching the sunset and walking by the beach aren't just for couples, I actually came here by myself and I did enjoy my "me" time.  It was a great way to just relax, watch people and embrace life as a single. :-)

Have a lovely weekend!


The Beachcomber at Crystal Cove
15 Crystal Cove
Newport Coast, CA 92657

PARKING: Free parking at Los Trancos Parking lot if you eat at Beachcomber. Don't forget to validate your receipt.  :-)