So thrilled to find myself again here on the blog and share my latest adventure.  I took another big leap and arrived here in Lyon, France last week.  Deciding to take another leap like this was harder as this time around I am going out to the unknown.  I was also debating whether I should stay in Paris or Lyon and how long should I stay.  My plans changed from time to time for so many personal reasons.  And even though I have done this before where I quit my job, went to another country and started a different career, I still get scared.  Most of the time second guessing myself, most of the time over thinking "why I am actually doing this" and the usual what if's that lurk in the back of my head waiting for me to give up.  What if nothing good will come out of this trip,  what if this isn't for me, what if  I'm only wasting my money, the endless what if's that keep me up all night and don't really serve me well.  After taming down my nerves, I finally gained a new attitude "I'm going and see where life takes me".

Lyon is located just South of Paris about 2 hours away by train.  Most travelers go to Paris than Lyon for a very obvious reason.  But because I am on a food adventure, I came here instead.  What could be the best place to travel for food than Lyon "the gastronomic capital in France", right?

I'm so fascinated by it's history, culture and gastronomic heritage.  As the world evolves the Lyonnais still manage to continue traditions.  Lyon is roaring with it's deep culture but so peaceful like the confluence of the two confusing rivers of the Soane and the Rhone.

I felt like I was travelling back in time as I walked through the cobblestoned alley in Vieux-Lyon (Old Lyon), traditional bouchons with menus still in French, outdoor tables with checkered tablecloths in red and white and with charming French bistro chairs.  A setting that was so inviting, tight gaps in between tables as if patrons were sitting together in one long table, a table that is full, bountiful and generous like the Salade Lyonnaise.

This is my second time here in France and I am very grateful for having a second chance to travel, to eat  and to discover new places.  Thank you for stopping by and hope you'll stay awhile.